The Case for Level-Ups

Fact: We would all enjoy gen-ed classes more if golden light burst forth from our bodies every time we learned something new.


Welcome wayward traveler!

I'm glad you have your extra-fluffy slippers on - it's cold out there in cyberspace. Come warm yourself by the hearth whilst I make cocoa and biscuts. I have created this humble abode as a shelter from the icy winds of the web - a place where I can share my thoughts. I hope you will stay awhile, for I have much to say and none but myself and Harvey to say it to. Beg your pardon? Oh it's not important - more biscuts?

I see that your eyes grow heavy. Feel free to stay in the guest room with Har... hearty blankets to keep out the cold. Sleep well, we will talk more when the sun rises. Try not to look so afraid...