My many muses

I suppose there's nothing like the rarefied air of Denver. It clears the mind.

I've been here for the last four days, attending the National Collegiate Honors Council meeting. A full reflection on this experience will take some time to write, but it will eventually be posted here. Thanks in no small part to the words of Whit, Donna, and a certain Derek Powazek, I have revived the old blog-o-page, and I think I'll be making much more consistent updates. The original purpose of this blog was not to be some day-to-day account of my life, but rather a place to publish my ideas and writings that I find somehow compelling. Maybe that wasn't actually the point, but it is now. The inspiration garnered from my on-line muses has pushed me to redouble my efforts to make this space useful to whosoever passes by.

So, keep a weather eye.