Waging Am See

The big news of the day - Deutschland defeats Poland 2-0 in the first round of the EuroCup Championship.

So, some observations about my new-found sport:

1) It lasts for 90 minutes... sort of. After the game is over, one must of course make relativistic correction for the proper time experienced by the players. Then, you play until the referees get tired of chasing after you. All in all, about 3 minutes.

2) Behold, the sheer pointlessness of a 0-0 tie! That was the score when you woke up this morning. That would have been the score if neither team showed up to the stadium. That would have been the score if both teams dropped dead on the field.

3) It's really, really, fun to watch. I may bash it, but I love watching soccer. The emotion of a goal is incredible! The second goal that Germany scored against Poland was a thing of beauty - it was so well coordinated, so well timed, and so well executed - it could not have happened any other way.

4)Hanging out of Andi's front window and yelling Gooooooooooooooooooal! Is really fun. We might have had a bit too much Spanish wine...

The town that I am living in is Waging am See. It's a beautiful place - just big enough to have the the shops that you need, and small enough to be truly rural. Here is the Google Maps link.

I took a bike tour of the area today with Helmut, Andi's father-in-law. This place is breathtakingly beautiful. The rolling hills are covered in small farms and dairies, all set in front of the beautiful mountains, one of which has come to be called the "sleeping witch." Despite the fact that mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, and Helmut's english ist nicht so gut, we got by. It was great fun to get outside and see the place close up - something I'm probably going to do every day, from here on.

That's all for now. I do have one more link to share - it's a "remix" of a new Radiohead song called "nude" - but it's done with obsolete computer hardware. My favorite bits are the hard drive speakers... ingenious.