The Weather...

No, this is not going to be a post about the weather, for lack of anything better to talk about. Rather, this is a post about the way people in Germany (and Europe in general, I suppose) relate to the weather.

I was born and raised in Little Rock - never lived anywhere else. I've seen thunderstorms, tornadoes, ice storms... the works - and every single time there was reason to listen, someone was giving me a weather report - whether on television, the internet, or radio.

Here in Germany, things work much, much differently. There are no weather radars - I mean, I assume that air traffic control manages a few, but I can't even find a public weather radar on the internet - at least, nothing like we're used to in the States.

I guess that comes from never having to know if that super-cell is bearing down on your house, or exactly when the line of thunderstorms is going to hit your town. I understand that these just aren't concerns over here, but I'm spoiled on live Doppler radar that can project weather three or four days out.

So, my new method? The tried-and-true GOLU - go outside and look up!